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Last update: January 2004

Notice: new additions to the image gallery will not be made after Jan 2004 (too many other commitments!). Thanks to all who have provided images. Perhaps the resource can be picked up again by the International Mycorrhiza Society web site, once the society is formed.

Many of the links below to images onsite or offsite are obsolete.

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PHOTOS: Arbuscular mycorrhizae

PHOTOS: Ectomycorrhizae

Ball Ectomycorrhizae photos, illustrations and identification tools - (2004 by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit酹 Mnchen, Dept. Biologie I Systematische Mykologie)
Ball Mushroom gallery - (SERG: Allen et al.)
Ball Mushroom gallery - (Manuel Lorenzo)
Ball Truffles gallery - (

PHOTOS: Other types of mycorrhizae

Miscellanous (photos of roots, soils, fields; cartoons, etc.)
Ball Mycorrhizosphere from the point of view of bacteria - (Sari Timonen)
Ball Distribution, mycorrhizal infection, and structure of calcicole floral elements at treeline, Bavarian Alps, Germany - (H. Blaschke)
Ball ECM and forest trees - (H. Blaschke)
Ball Color chart for VAM spores - (INVAM)
Ball Mycorrhizal effect on soil aggregation - (Photos by Ted St. John)
Ball Soil Images Library - (Joint effort, Australian Gov & Univ of Adelaide Soil Sci Dept)
Ball Root images - (M Brundrett)